fredag, mars 31, 2006

I'm home now!!!

I love donuts as you can see. I'm at Donkin Donuts in Lewisburg.

torsdag, mars 16, 2006

Today was my last day of working at this Island. I'm excited!!!
I'll probable just hang at the beach tomorrow....and maybe do some shopping:)

mandag, mars 13, 2006

I've changed my mind

Today I really want to go home. I'm so bored tonight! There's nothing to do here besides eating icecream.
Looking forward to be able to go out alone at night! And to hang out with friends and do fun stuff!


So I'm kind of sunburned now.....actually a cooked lobster would be less red than me right now. It hurts really bad!!
Went to the beach yesterday and today. I did use sunscreen but I have this really annoying tendency of missing some areas so im like a red and brow chessboard. Oh well.....I'll survive :)
Leaving this Island soon.....I don't want to go home. It will be so hard to get back to work and everything. I want to stay here!!!
It will probable be okay when I'm back home but right now I don't feel ready to leave.

fredag, mars 10, 2006

Having fun in St.Croix

Hey people. Some of you already knows that I'm in St.Croix some of you don't. I'm working at a YWAM base here as a mission builder. It's fun but I'm getting tired working with the pool EVERYDAY! anyway my tan is awsome now. I share an apartment with this cute swedish girl called Ann-Sophie. She's just awsome, love you girl.
It's Saturday tomorrow and I can't wait hanging out at the beach here. It's just perfect! Last weekend I went snorkeling at one of the ten most beautyful beaches in the world. It was AWSOME.